Rousing And Riveting Ways To Integrate Google Reviews On HTML Website

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Google Reviews On HTML Website

We are all surrounded by multiple options and choices of things owing to the fast-growing internet services in every inch of the globe. And to save internet audiences from the wrath of multiple choices to choose from we have the resort to reviews and ratings. Reviews are genuine and authentic customer feedback and experiences that help other potential customers in making valuable purchasing decisions.

And while we’re discussing the reviews and their impact on the brand’s website performance we can’t miss mentioning the most popular website designing platform i.e. HTML websites. HTML is an exceptional website-building platform. The building platform is among the top picks of website developers and website enthusiasts as this swiftly allows the user to markup all hyperlinks on their web pages.

Further to enhance the look, feel, and desired traffic of the HTML website, developers should embed Google reviews in HTML websites. Embedding Google reviews on websites has multiple benefits, we have highlighted a few below along with some rousing and thrilling ways to integrate review widgets on your HTML websites seamlessly.

Rousing And Efficient Tools To Embed Google Reviews in HTML Websites:

To save our readers some time hunting down the most suitable and efficient means to embed GRs in HTML websites. We have handpicked a few. These tools below are all the crowd favorites and are super-efficient in embedding Google reviews widget HTML easily!


One of the best and most prominent social media aggregator tools is Tagembed. The tool enables you to collect, curate and embed desired social media content form from preferred social media platforms. Tagembed has integrations from over 18+ social media aggregator tools.

The tool also provides the user with a dedicated review widget, this widget can be altered and customized as per the user’s preferences and requirements.

The tool lets the user choose from a variety of templates and design options to make the widget aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Most importantly the tool is coding-free and does not require any pre-acquired coding knowledge to access the tool. Moreover, the tool has a user-friendly interface and a customer support team that assists users at each stage of the embedding process.


The next social media aggregator tool on our list of rousing tools to embed Google reviews on websites is Juicer. Yet another extremely popular tool to embed desired reviews from your selected platform. Juicer allows the user to showcase their gathered reviews on their HTML websites with convenience and ease. Also, the user can select from a vast variety of styling and designing variants provided by the tool.

Like the previously mentioned tool, Juicer is also coding-free and makes the embedding task a cakewalk for the users.


Next up is Hootsuite. This social media aggregator tool is regarded as one of the best tools to make sure that embedding Google reviews widget on a website is seamless and hassle-free. The tool also offers multiple design options starting with colorful templates to aesthetic fonts to enhance the look of your reviews widget on the website. Hootsuite is an aggregator tool that can be accessed by anyone who knows just the right amount of basics of handling technology as the tool is not very heavy on technology.

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Lastly, on our list of suggestions, we have Elfsight. Trusted by millions of website enthusiasts and developers across the globe. Elfsight enables its users to create and customize their review widgets with their super exciting and creative styling alternatives. The user can personalize the widget’s shape, style form, and font as per their liking. And the best part of embedding a review widget using Elfsight is that it doesn’t hamper or hinder the website’s performance and alignment. Also, the review widget can be accessed on any screen and is highly responsive on your HTML websites.

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Why are Google Reviews essential for your Website?

These are some of the key benefits and reasons that validate the importance of embedding Google reviews widget HTML websites. Then our readers can finally make up their minds to embed a review widget on their website.

A). Improves the SEO rankings:

The Google Reviews widget on your website will improve your website’s SEO rankings. This implies that the web page’s reach and visibility would increase manifolds on the internet stream. And better website rankings also underlying means the website is reliable and authentic.

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B). Makes website attractive:

A review widget on your website will eventually make it more attractive. And when website visitors land on your website they’ll spend more time exploring the page, as everyone wants to come across some really unique and visually appealing web pages.

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C). Drives more website traffic:

Once you embed Google Reviews in an HTML website, your website will receive desired traffic and will drive more visitors to your website.

Having looked at some of the reasons that validate the importance of embedding the Google Reviews widget on your HTML website. Let us look at some of the riveting ways to embed Google review widgets in HTML websites.

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Over To The Readers:

Embedding Google Reviews widget on HTML websites is like sprinkling some of the magic dust to make your website stand out and apart from your competitors. This embedding task can be done successfully using social media aggregator tools, also we have highlighted some of the best and most prominent aggregator tools to embed the review widget on your HTML website in just a few clicks!



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