2023-Best Google Review Widget On Squarespace Website

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4 min readFeb 26, 2021
Google Review Widget On Squarespace Website

Have you built your website with Squarespace? Are you looking for ways to optimize your website with Google reviews?

No worries, in this short article you will get to know about how to create amazing looking Squarespace website with a Google reviews widget.

How? Continue reading this blog and you will get to know how to embed the Google reviews widget on the Squarespace website. Try Now

What are Google Reviews?

google reviews

Google Reviews are provided by Google where genuine customers place their reviews & give ratings to websites publicly

Customers share their experiences, opinions, important facts about the brand or website, etc. that help new customers in knowing the brand or website in a better way.

As Google is the world’s best and most renowned search engine platform, people across the globe use Google to find authentic customer reviews and testimonials to get social proof.

You can use Google Reviews to allow your customers to give their opinions or reviews about your services and their experience with your brands.

Later you can collect Google reviews and easily embed them on your website using the Google Review Widget.

Why Embed Google Review Widget On Your Squarespace Website?

Online shopping has increased the craze of checking reviews and ratings before buying any product from a website or online store.

Customer reviews are playing an important role in the online shopping experience and enhance the buyer journey on your website.

Especially on the official websites of brands or businesses, reviews lay a huge impact on visitors.

Google reviews are what your customers are looking for over the internet. So what if you directly display it on your Squarespace website?

Displaying real customer reviews on your website develops the trust and credibility of your brand and makes a strong relationship with your customers.

Your customers will get everything on your website with products, and services, or explore your website with genuine customer reviews to know your credibility.

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Smart Tools to Embed Google Review Widget on Squarespace Website :

  1. Tagembed Review Widget
  2. Reviews on Website
  3. WordPress Plugin for Google Reviews
  4. Socialproofed

Add Google Reviews Widget On Squarespace Website With Tagembed


Tagembed, a popular social media aggregator platform helps you to create an amazing-looking social media widget collecting posts from diverse social platforms.

With this tool, you can add Google reviews on your website into a beautiful-looking widget that also enhances your website's look and feel.

Tagembed allows you to connect with your Google+ business account and collect all Google reviews that your users give to your business over Google.

It will collect Google reviews into feeds and later you can customize these feeds with themes, layout designs, colors, font styles, and backgrounds.

Moreover, you will also get access to Custom CSS and API, so that you get complete freedom to design your Google review widget feeds into the best possible design.

The Tagembed widget is light weighted and highly responsive that can run on embed on your website so that people can see every device and screen size.

Follow These Steps To Embed Google Reviews On Your Squarespace Website

1: Signup/Login to the Tagembed account.
2: Create a widget and rename it.
3: Select Google reviews as a source.
4: Now enter the location/Google listing page name and fetch the feed.
5: Tagembed display fetches reviews from Google into the feed.
6: Click on the “Embed” button.
7: Now display the different website platforms Like HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, PageCloud, etc.
8: Click on the “Get code” button and copy the unique code.
9: Paste this unique code on the backend page of your website.

So all done and all Google reviews will be on your screen. Now you can customize, moderate, and embed them on your website.

Wrapping Up!

Thus, you can enhance your customer experience by embed Google reviews on Squarespace Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, HTML website, etc, and provide them with authentic, trustworthy, and credible content that builds a strong bond with your audience.

Hence, use Tagembed to display useful Google reviews on your website, which also enhances the SEO of your website.



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