Amaze-Balls Tips To Get 5 Star Google Reviews Ratings

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Get 5 Star Google Reviews Ratings

Wondering why suddenly everyone is striving for 5-star Google reviews and ratings? Well, the answer to this is extremely simple and easy to comprehend for marketers and brand analysts. We live in an era of the internet where markets and advertising sprees are heavily dependent on the usage of User Generated Content. This content includes suggestions and recommendations from various existing across-the-board in the format of videos, photos, and reviews. User Generated Content is compelling, reliable, and highly impressionable.

Reviews marketing is the new marketing game-changer. Reviews leave a long-lasting and strong impact on website visitors and audiences in general.

While we’re on the road to discussing impressionable and authentic reviews, let’s just acknowledge the dominance and remarkable presence of Google reviews in this spectrum. Millions of reviews analysts and users worldwide trust Google reviews as a source of specific and genuine customer feedback.

It won’t be wrong if we suggest adding a relevant Google reviews widget on your website for more attention online and higher traffic leads. This can be done effortlessly by using social media aggregator tools. These tools are effective and specially designed to cater to your embedding needs!

Coming back to the talking point, reviews are a vital and impactful advertising tool for enhancing your website’s ranking. Let’s further discuss the essentials of positive reviews and some Amaze-balls tips and hacks for getting more 5-star Google reviews!

What Are The Essentials For Positive Reviews?

While being aware of the vitality of the Google reviews widget for your website’s ranking and growth. Here are some key pointers to look for positive reviews or rather pointers that can help you easily classify positive reviews and ratings quickly;

#1 All glory:

Sometimes it’s super easy to locate positive reviews in the pile of all the mixed bags of reviews. The positive reviews reflect all glory of the product or service. They are strikingly evident from the rest as they sing praises or generally are extremely kind and polite.

#2 Praises and personalization:

The next pointer also includes praises but with a hint of personalization. This customization and personalization i.e. inclusion of genuine feedback or stories add more authenticity to the review. Thus, eventually creating a good brand image.

#3 Evaluates critically:

Lastly, if you notice constructive criticism in your lot of reviews, this is also considered positive feedback. A positive review would always help you and your brand in reflecting upon the existing services and would always provide room for improvement.

Having seen the pointers to classify positive reviews here’s your little guidebook for dealing with negative ones!

How To Go About Negative Reviews?

Well along with the goody bags of positive reviews that give your brand a moment of joy you also receive some backlash or hindering in the form of negative reviews.

Though these reviews help accelerates the zeal to improve every time or better than ever there’s a certain way how to go about reacting and responding to these reviews:

#1 Rapid responses:

Your responses to the negative reviews should be rapid and quick. The rapid functioning of the responses creates an impression of a responsible and accountable brand.

#2 Show professionalism:

Your responses will not always be a bed of roses but more importantly, it depends upon your perspective on how you take it. You might receive some nasty and below-the-belt comments but try to abstain from using harsh or unethical language while replying to the negative comments.

#3 Suggest solutions:

Along with being gentle and polite in your responses try providing solutions. If not proper solution offer momentarily fixes such as replacements or refunds. This would keep the user’s trust in your brand intact.

Let us finally shed some light on stupendous and easy ways to collect more 5-star Google reviews and ratings!

Stupendous Ways To Get More 5-Star Google Reviews:

Here’s your chance to find out some amazing ways to collect more 5-star Google reviews and ratings quickly and easily. Readers can consider any of the following ways as per their requirements and convenience;

#1 Ask the consumer directly:

The simplest of them all is to directly without hesitation ask your customers to drop a review. This has a massive benefit as the users have just availed of your provided service and this would immediately show up in their reviews.

And fresh in-memory reviews are simply the most genuine ones.

#2 Send follow-up emails:

The next way is to send follow-up emails and email lists. This is a cost-efficient and feasible method. Just make sure that your language is polite and friendly.

#3 Text messages:

Sending text messages might also work wonders for the purpose. Add a working link along with a thank you note and acknowledge your reviewer’s time and efforts.


Reviews and ratings are game changers for your brand’s website and your business. Adding genuine and trusted Google reviews widgets on your website can boost your sales volumes and visibility drastically.

Moreover, we have highlighted some of the easiest ways to collect more 5-star Google reviews and ratings!



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