How To Impact of Social Media Feeds On Your Website’s Rank in 2023

Daisy Smith
5 min readJan 15, 2021

Social media has always been a great way to share information with the rest of the world. But, with the changing dynamics of digital marketing, its benefit has extended up to web platforms. Being the platforms with the highest user engagement, marketers have involved social media to increase their dwell time. Social media marketing is the most popular and easy-peasy tactic to reach out to your target audience.

Along with that, search engine optimization is a major concern for every firm in order to improve its visibility and searchability. But, can social media feeds show a beneficial influence on your website’s SEO and ranking?

This blog will give you a deep insight into what social media feeds for websites and how they substantially affect your website’s ranking.

What are Social Media Feeds?

Social media feeds are the tools that fetch relevant data composed of content from different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and form well-curated custom feeds, ready to be displayed across the web platforms.

It takes a few coding-free steps to embed a social feed on your website. Being economical as well as convenient, the feed has shown commendable results with respect to user engagement, reduced bounce rate, customer dwell time, and brand awareness.

In the digital marketing ecosystem, social media aggregator tools & function as a stickum that helps businesses connect with the audience beyond their existing customer base. Social media is addictive and that’s what fascinates a visitor and makes him explore your website for a long.

You will be dismayed to learn that 96% of the users who admire your brand have no idea about your social presence. Because of similar reasons, promotional activities are now being held such as hashtag campaigns and the content directly shows up on the brand’s website. This can be done to redirect the website visitors to brand-owned profiles.

Does the effort to become a renowned brand end here? Absolutely not. Website SEO is equally important to improve your search engine ranking. To do so, social media feeds play a vital role. Below, we have listed some important effects of feeds in ranking your website.

Top 5 Key Impacts of Social Media Feeds on Your Website’s Rank in 2023

1. Helps increase reach beyond existing users

Social feeds add spice to the monotonous and static look of your website. It gives your visitors a great browsing experience. Customer satisfaction works as the best advertisement for your brand. And word of mouth is what draws new audiences toward you. Their acceptance is based on the quality of the content you place on your website. User-generated content is the digital form of WOM. It is believed to be the most reliable data for online promotions. It clearly shows the approval/disapproval of the users. The same perspective is passed on to others which directly affects your established customer base. The new connections increase your website traffic which apparently improves your website ranking on search engines.

2. Interactions help in search engine optimization

Social feeds create a holistic platform for your audience to access all the latest news, announcements, offers, launches, etc. It saves their time visiting different platforms for the same. What’s more convenient if they can interact with you and give instant feedback? This will give you insights into their likes and dislikes. You can then curate your content accordingly. Their testimonials can also be used as social proof. Such information can be used in SEO for website optimization.

3. Gives credibility to the brand

Displaying UGC creates transparency between you and your customers. A good mix of positive and negative criticism affects their decision-making process. Along with that, customer satisfaction testimonials give credibility to your brand. It shows your concern towards your users, giving you validation. In spite of making some mistakes while resolving issues, It will glue your audience with your business. Their loyalty will urge them to repeat the purchase. Such dynamic details about your happy customers and their feedback attract new audiences and help your website rank higher.

4. Links the website with your connections

Social feeds can be a hub for connecting with your audience and their connections. Their posts with your hashtag and account mentions are a way of expressing loyalty towards you. When your users comment, like, or share the content from your feed, their connections are likely to see and interact with that. They may reach out to you through organic search. Organic traffic is highly important as it is targeted. Users that reach out to you from an organic result have a very specific intent. Your solutions might help them convert which again improves your website’s rank.

5. Influencing the audience using promotions

In-house content can sometimes be questionable. Whereas, user-generated content helps you gain better engagement and saves you from old-school promotional strategies. Choosing the best Social media aggregator tools to an important role in making your brand trustworthy. Apart from that, social media platforms acquire high-quality backlinks. Increased traffic to your website and a good dwell time are the positive signs that will improve your SEO performance.

Final Thoughts

As described above, social feeds can prove to be an advantage in improving your website’s rank. A social feed can efficiently create a customized wall on your website. You can moderate the content that shows up on the web platform. It helps you shape your digital marketing strategy that can positively impact your website SEO.

Add social media feeds are a convenient tool that keeps your website visitors engaged with your company’s happenings, daily activities, the latest trends in the market, and more. Your website gets updated regularly, liberating you from the break-breaking task of modifying the content every now and then.

The process takes no time and is highly economical. Regardless of the negative criticism, it is very clear that social feeds can help your SEO efforts. It can directly impact the search engine ranking factor.

Lastly, your website is an important aspect of your business. So, do not let go of a single chance that can make it worth admiring. Ultimately, SEO best practices would go against the grain to rank your website higher.



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