An Entire Guide To Embed Linkedin Feed On WordPress Website

Embed Linkedin Feed On WordPress

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media channels that have approx 750+ million individuals from multiple countries. Over a duration of time, LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful social communities that offer many possibilities to brands for producing extra leads, selling brands, and growing connections.

LinkedIn is the most suited social media platform for entrepreneurs and corporations to attain their target audience. Businesses can easily embed LinkedIn feed on WordPress website, and the audience can get a sneak into the brand’s LinkedIn presence.

You can embed LinkedIn feed to WordPress website by various methods. But in this blog post, we will guide you on how to use Tagembed Tool and embed LinkedIn feed on WordPress website - try now.

What Is Tagembed?


Tagembed is one of the best & free social media aggregator tools that allows you to collect, curate, and display social media feeds on any website. You can use Tagembed to aggregate social media content from multiple social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, VK, Vimeo, etc.

Simply adding a LinkedIn company page and feeds on the WordPress website offers you vast benefits. Embed LinkedIn feed allows you to

  1. Boost more conversation rate around a brand
  2. Lessens your website bounce rate
  3. Increase website UI by adding LinkedIn feed on the website
  4. Gain more followers or extend the reach of your social media content
  5. Flaunt social media reputation to website users

You will save your time and money by using Tagembed to display the LinkedIn feed on the website.

How to Embed LinkedIn Feed on WordPress Website Using By Tagembed (Without Plugin)

#Step1 - Signup for a free account with Tagembed. Create a widget & rename it.

#Step2 - Choose the social channels - Linkedin.
(So either you can fetch all the Linkedin feeds from an account itself or by using a company page URL and manual post URL)

#Step3 - Click on “Embed Widget” and choose one of the website-building platforms (like WordPress).

#Step4 - Curate and customize the Linkedin feeds as per your need (like height, width as per your requirement)

#Step5 - Now generate the embedding code, and copy-paste this code to the backend of your WordPress website.

Definitely, all is done. It improves your brand’s visibility and makes your WordPress website more attractive. The inspiring benefits of the visitors spending more time on your WordPress website, and will indirectly support you to boost your SERP.

How to Embed LinkedIn Feed on WordPress Website Using By Tagembed WordPress Plugin (With WP Plugin)

Tagembed widget plugin

#Step1 - Go to the plugin section on your WordPress dashboard and click on Add New (Search Tagembed & Install otherwise Upload Tagembed Plugin Zip Folder or Activate the Plugin)

#Step2 -Sign Up with the Tagembed WordPress plugin

#Step3 - Click on Add Feed to collect social media feeds from your desired networks like Linkedin (So now fetch the Linkedin feed as per your preference.)

#Step4 - Choose from 10+ Layouts, Personalize feed style, and set up moderation

#Step5 - Display section to preview and copy the shortcode

Go to the blog and webpage where you can embed code. To add a new block, search “Tagembed”, select the block and a dialog box appears. Paste this shortcode and click on “Embed”. Update the WordPress website to see the published content.

Kudos! You have added Linkedin Feeds to the WordPress website. Integrating LinkedIn with your company page, and WordPress site can bring your business operations to the next level. It is an amazing way to increase operations -both your business and your website.

Over To You

There are lots of tools and WordPress plugins that offer advanced features such as an aggregating LinkedIn feed from your personal or professional account. But I will suggest you this free tool -Tagembed. Today, it’s important to display LinkedIn feed on your website. It gains user trust, increases website engagement, adds trustworthy content, and gives insight into your service or product quality.

So, here we have shared everything about how you can embed LinkedIn feed on your website using Tagembed.

So, why are you waiting?

Display your all LinkedIn feed on the website and connect your website visitors to your social media channels.



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